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BioMat Queen & King

King and Queen Sized Biomats fit perfectly on those respective matress sizes. Each side can be controlled separately so two people can enjoy the king and queen sized biomats by controlling their half of the mat separately. There is a clear silicon urethane panel over the top surface of Biomat allowing the beauty of the amethyst gems to shine through. Biomat rest means that you are getting a molecular level massage, increased blood circulation and lymph activity, maximized enzyme production, complete detoxification and moderated acidity for a more healthy ph balance in the body.


Biomats have also been found to have beneficial effects on cancer patients, even helping to reduce the size of tumors.The Biomat replicates the effects of a sauna except it allows a more customized temperature regulation without the hazards of heating the head or the negative EMF exposure in traditional saunas or heating devices. Amethyst crystals produce the highest frequency of vibrational energy that the human body can absorb, thereby promoting increased conduction and absorbtion of Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions. The King and Queen Biomats use gentle crystalline warmth that produces endorphins that help revitalize the romance in your life. In this way, the King and Queen sized Biomats can be used as marital aids.

Specifications - Queen

Measures:  55.11"w x 77.81"l / 1400 x 2002mm

Net Weight:  52 lbs without controller / 23 kg

Electric Consumption:  330w

Voltage:  AC 120

Temperature:  95f to 158f / 36c to 70c

Infrared Ray:  5 - 14 Microm.

MaxNegative Ion:  700 Volts of negative potential

Amount of Amethyst = 28.5 lbs.

Amethyst Size:  5mm - 12mm

Amethyst Color:  Natural Violet Clear

Cut and Shape:  Tumbled

Polariscope Test:  Dr

Specific Gravity:  2.65

Hardness:  7

Refractive Index:  1.544 - 1.553

Fluorescence LW:  No refraction, Natural factor


Specifications - King

As above with exclusions following:

Measures:  72.65"w x 77.81" / 1800 x 2002mm

Net Weight:  52 lbs without controller / 23 kg

Amount Amethyst:  35 lbs

Biomat 2005mx Controller

The BioMat Controller, comes with all BioMats and has the most advanced I.C. chip which cuts off electromagnetic waves. You can set the temperature of the mattress and if anything malfunctions, the alarm will sound.


Far Infrared Ray Indicator                                            Negative Ion Indicator

Temperature Up/Down Controls                              Time Control

Soft-touch power switch                                              Electromagnetic Interception indicator

Built-in alarm system                                                    Newly remodeled, easy touch screen



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