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The Biomat is back!!!


The Biomat is a seventeen-layer medical device that incorporates negative ion and far infrared ray therapies with the health benefits of amethyst to produce a "heating pad" that gives long-lasting healing effects. Used to treat and prevent many different ailments, using a Biomat means healthier living. Biomats will improve anyone's energy, health and immune system.  Biomats are great for patients with Cancer, Lyme disease, MS, Diabetes, stress, Arthritis and all other ailments.


Biomats are a perfect way to fight off disease.  The Biomat heats and activates the body from the inside out. The same infrared rays you would receive from the sun are projected deep into your body. As your body temperature rises, the biomat induces a false fever that then stimulates your immune system. As a result, your body detoxifies and all of your bodily functions are effected in a positive way. Warming your body in this way has also been proven to prevent Cancer. 

Scientific Fact: Exposure to far infrared rays are the key to preventing metastatic cancer and strengthening immunity.

Recently, Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, former director of Yokohama General Hospital in Yokohama, Japan, wrote a book entitled "The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees". In his book, Dr. Yoshimizu, M.D. Ph.D.'s thesis is "Exposure to far infrared rays is the key to preventing metastatic cancers and strengthening the immune system."

Now the Nakamachi Garden Center Director, Dr. Yoshimizu has taken his theories and put them to the test in his new clinic and has found that thermotherapy should be the fourth treatment for Cancer. Naming surgery, radiation and chemotherapy as the three accepted forms of treatment in Western Medicine for cancer, Dr. Yoshimizu shows through bonified case studies that thermotherapy (with the Biomat) actually helped tumors shrink and disappear in some cases.  In this book, you will find Dr. Yoshimizu's actual case studies and results of cancer patients using the Richway Biomat.  If you would like to read Dr. Yoshimizu's work, click here to view the page where you can download a .pdf of his book.


Another recent study by Dr. George Grant in Toronto. Canada, shows that stress relief is produced up to 78% when using the Biomat. Click here to visit the page and download  this study.

The BioMat Amethyst system is the only mat of its kind to combine Far-Infrared Rays, Negative Ions and 28 pounds of Amethyst crystal, providing a truly holistic mind, body and spirit therapeutic treatment.  It creates a deeply penetrating vibrational cellular massage that stimulates the healing and regeneration of cells, nerves and meridians hidden beneath surface, adipose (fat) and muscle tissue layers. The BioMat revitalizes the biological function of the cells which then increases blood circulation, relieves neuralgia, backache, arthritis and eliminate toxins. 


The BioMat can be used at home, in a spa setting for relaxation, as part of a medical or holistic practice, sports centres and much more. As an avid user of my own BioMat, a practitioner and distributor, I understand its benefits and the significant investment it requires. Anyone thinking of purchasing a BioMat is welcome to come for a free trial and experience the relaxation power for themselves.  Don't worry, you will never be left unsupported; I offer aftercare advice and programs so you will never be left wondering what your next step is.  If you are anywhere in Europe or the UK don't hesitate to contact me about purchasing a BioMat product.  


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