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Calcium free support for bone health and fracture healing

As a food supplement, Osteostrength is an important supplier of a wide range of vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids Ipriflavone and other effective cofactors necessary for bone formation


Vitamin K1 38 micrograms

Vitamin K2 23 micrograms

Vitamin D 5 micrograms

Vitamin B6 10mg

Pyridoxal 5 phosphate 2.5mg

Vitamin B12 500 micrograms

Magnesium 40mg

Copper 7.5mg

Manganese 2.5mg

Molybdenum 75 micrograms

Iprivflavone 200mg

Silicic Acid 175mg

Boron 1.5mg

Potassium Citrate 200mg

No known side effects

Free from fillers and allergens

why calcium free?

Weak bones and osteoposrosis are supposedly caused by a lack of calcium, the solution: add calicum!  Bone health is about more than strength; elasticity, balance and reaction are just as important.  Bones aren't made from just calcium, nor is calcium directly absorbed into bones.  Supplementing with just calcium, creates a surplus that turns into build up in the vessels, joints, tendons, heart and brain that can lead to events like a heart attack.  The picture you see is a mammogram of a woman who took high dose calcium for 10 years to prevent osteoporosis.  The white parts are lime concentration in the vessels; vascular calcification. 

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Necessary for calcium metabolising.  Regulates intestinal calcium inake and prevents excess calcium being excreted through the kidneys

Cofactors for synthesis of osteocalcin, a major protein of osteoblasts that build bone substance.  Osteocalcin is involved in bone mineralisation.

Vitamin K prevents vascular calcification and can reduce calcium deposits in the arteries

With Copper, a cofactor of the important antioxidative enzyme SOD (Superoxid Dismutase) which suppresses inflammatory pathways

Promotes the construction of proteoglycan bone matrix

Supports the metabolism of sulfur that stabilises bone mineralisation

Help degrade the homocysteine and support hydroxylation of bone collagen

Essential in all phases of bone formation and has synergy with calcium.  Magnesium activates bone forming cells (osteoblasts), facilitates calcium transport into bone and sensitises bone tissue for Vitamin D and regulating hormones

Essential mineral that give the Proteoglycan bone matrix greater strength.  Participates in formation of apatite crystals, which contain calcium and other bone minerals

An important bioflavanoid which develops similar effects as estrogens, but without the known side effects.  They bind chemically to the estrogen receptors of the bone cells and send signals to activate growth.

A cofactor for the conversion of vitamin D into its active form

Leads to intracellular deacidification, stimulates construction of bones and improves microarchitecture, vital for stability

vitamin D









vitamin K1 & K2


Silicic acid (Silicon)

Potassium citrate

Vitamin B6, b12 & activ B6

A 62 year-old woman showed 10% bone growth!

All others taking Osteostrength™ showed huge improvement as well!


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