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It is not essential that you print these forms and complete them before you get to us, but it will give us more time to talk about your needs and commence treatment.  So, if you would like to, please print, fill out and bring these forms with you to your first appointment.  


Beyond Personal Information


Beyond Information Consent Form - Signature only


Beyond Physical Financial Policy - Signature only


Beyond Chemical Balance


Beyond Disease


Beyond Goals


Beyond the Nervous System - To be filled out on the day of your appointment only

Forms for Your initial Evaluation and Consultation

If you are part of the Beyond Physical family who doesn't travel to come and see us, you can download all the documents that would be in your welcome pack here.  Enjoy!


Welcome                                                                                                           Alkaline and Acid Ash Foods


Technical Terms                                                                                             Wholefood vs Synthetic supplements - blog entry


Beyond What we eat                                                                                       Beyond Digestion


Beyond What we drink


Beyond Healthy Eating


Beyond Diets and Nutrition


Added Value

If you have been asked to go through the forgiveness steps, you can download them here.  


The Forgiveness Steps

Sometimes you will have been asked to write a list for the purposes of your treatment.  If you have misplaced the one given to you at your previous session, you can find it here.  


Beyond Beliefs about me


Beyond Life Trends


Beyond Wishing it hadn't happened


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