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It is becoming more widely understood that the health of an organisation is largely if not utterly dependant on the health of its employees.  At the same time it seems increasingly difficult for organisations to impact on the lives of their employees in a positive way.  


Beyond Physical create unique employee wellness solutions for your company.  We wont just be telling you and your employees to put apples in the vending machines and get off the bus one stop early.  


Our programs get to the core issues underlying health and wellness.  The things we address affect things like productivity and time management, accountability and workplace relationships, stress levels and goal acheiving directly.  We understand that everything that happens outside the workplace, impacts the individual and the organisation in the workplace.  We work on specific issues that arise generally in your work environment and individual goals or tasks at hand.


Your employees will learn how to take responsibility for their health.  How to alkalise their body through their nutritional choices, emotional responses and behaviours and much more.  All they go through is designed with your organisation in mind.  

Beyond Business

Creating a healthy, successful culture with innovative, effective programs

Beyond Benefits 

  • Improve productivity

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Reduce healthcare and insurance costs

  • Staff retention

  • Increase profits

  • Improve employee relationships

  • Improve corporate image

  • Imporove the work environment

  • Acheive departmental goals

  • Acheive organisational goals

  • Improve employee health

  • Reduce workplace animosity

  • Improve employee satisfaction and morale

  • Increased engagement

  • More effective team work



  • Goal setting

  • Goal acheiving

  • Nutritional information

  • Importance of alkalising your body

  • Thought pattern reworking

  • Emotional competance

  • Balance the energy system

  • Physical/Emotional distress relief

  • Work related goals/issues

  • Sense of acheivement

  • Stress relief

  • Increased workplace satisfaction

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Reduce anxiety and worry

  • Weight management

This isn't like most organisational wellness programs where you are entirely dependant on employee compliance, no, we actively address and change the subcoscious conditioning in each individual during the program.  Each person will have had their nervous system updated to create and allow for new patterns to be built.  Basically, employees will dump the baggage they have been carrying around and remove interference they have toward their workplace, their tasks, their goals, their coworkers and much more.  There is nothing more instantly effective than Body Psychology to begin taking leaps forward towards a healthier and more effective organisation and workforce.  

Results driven workplace wellness

Creating a healthy, successful culture with innovative, effective programs.  Talk to us now about creating a program for your organisation.  

You can benefit from programs created for many variables.  For example:


  • Length - 1 day, 2 days, weeklong, monthly, ongoing

  • Segmented - Executive team, departmental, organisation wide

  • Size - 1-10 employees, any other size

  • Goal specific

  • Project specific

  • Relationship specific

  • Completely bespoke - Programs are all built to suit your unique needs

Pick your program

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