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Click to view the supplement range

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We are so proud to be able to offer you access to Osteostrength, Energetix and Morter Health System products.  Only qualified, registered practitioners are allowed to use and sell their products after undergoing investigation and extensive interview processes.  

BioEnergetic Remedies for a Better You and a Better World


Energetix products are "BioEnergetic", which means that our products are full of life (bio) and energy (energetic)!  With today's complex health concerns (elevated stress levels, changes in food sourcing, and environmental toxins) patients and practitioners alike are seeking unique and effective solutions.  All of our formulas are "systemic," and support the entire body. Each product is designed to combine and complement each other as well as other therapies and product lines.

Homeopathic Products - Restoring Natural Health and Vitality


All Homeopathic remedies are prepared according to HPUS guidelines. To ensure a potent, consistent and high-quality remedy, each bottle is handmade and hand-succussed.


Nutritionals - Improving Health Through Advanced Nutrition


Improving quality of life is one of our central goals, which is why our supplements are designed to provide support for the entire body and include:  Glandulars, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbal cleanse formulas, Probiotics, Enzymes, Custom blends.  Our clinically specific vitamins, phytonutrients, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics, and Argentina glandulars are therapeutically formulated for optimal combined tolerance and rapid assimilation.


Botanicals - Pure and Potent Blends for Today's Complex Symptoms


Potency, purity and effectiveness are our top priorities, from ingredient sourcing to the final product. We've chosen the Spagyric processing extraction method because it creates a product that is more concentrated and bioavailable. All of our condition-specific Botanicals are spagyrically processed from organic and/or wildcrafted raw materials whenever possible. Our remedies are clean, highly concentrated and easy to absorb, making them ideal for addressing causative factors in a timely, gentle and highly effective manner.  For more information about Spagyric processing, we recommended reading: Spagyric Botanicals and Your Health.


For more on this, read The Spagyric Difference.  

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