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"To learn and not to do

is really not to learn.

To know and not to do

is really not to know."


Stephen. R. Covey

Knowledge of NLP helps us gain insight into the working of your mind and your thought patterns enabling us to ask your body more in depth questions.  This ability allows us to delve deeper into the roots of the interference and blockages occurring in your life enabling us to allow healing to happen more quickly.  It also allows us to be able to broach subjects where a perspective change may well be needed in order to stop future interference from accumulating; allowing you to maintain better health for longer.  ​

Flower remedies are a beautiful compliment to our work here at Beyond Physical.

By eliminating the negative emotional state with the work we do here at Beyond Physical and in your treatment program, the body will heal itself.  

Knowledge of Homeopathy allows us to continually widen our perspective on your wellness level and improve your treatment program. 

The concept of total wellness recognises that our every thought, word, and behaviour affects our greater health and well-being."

Greg Anderson

Therpies incuded within Beyond Physical Programs

All the therapies outlined below are used within treatment programs as and when necessry.  They have been used to streamline fixed programs and compliment the B.E.S.T technique.  As well as being the only certified B.E.S.T. practitioner in th UK, Dale is a licensed NLP Practitioner and has qualifications in Homeopathy, Kinesiology, meditation and Flower Remedies.  


Dr. Goodheart also found, whilst treating a young man whose shoulder blade would continually move out of alignment, that when a muscle weakened, the corresponding muscle tightened.  In the same vein, when the weakness was corrected, the tightness was alleviated.  This was revolutionary as it was contrary to the popular belief that the tightness was the first occurrence that then caused weakness.  This led him to discover a number of reasons for the occurrence of the weakness and treatment for it. 

Kinesiology is derived from the Greek words ‘Kinesis’ meaning motion, ‘Kinein’ meaning to move and ‘Logos’ meaning to study.   It is the scientific study of movement: Human Kinetics.  At it's core is biofeedback and muscle testing.  


Dr. George Goodheart, an American Chiropractor discovered Kinesiology in 1964.  Dr. Goodheart found that conventional practice was not relieving severe leg pain and that massaging the outer thigh muscle caused the pain to dissipate.  Massage of other muscles did not have the same effect.  He found that certain pressure points, relating to specific sets of muscles would, when massaged, have a healing effect: Neurolymphatic massage allows the body and its energy systems to realign and balance. 

Diagnostically, Kinesiology makes use of 5 complex systems:

1. The Nervous system
2. The Lymphatic system
3. The Vascular (blood vessel) system
4. The Cerebrospinal fluid
5. The Meridian system (acupuncture lines)

Using these nature given tools, Kinesiology aims to maintain a free-flowing energy circuitry within the body; It is when this circuitry is blocked that illness can develop.  It is a restorative, well-being and maintenance therapy that can benefit anyone at anytime.  Its preventative qualities are highly desirable as it can abort illness before it manifests in our physical body. Kinesiology is probably best known for treating and identifying food allergies and sensitivities, which of course if left alone can create emotional and physical problems.  To sum Kinesiology up properly is a difficult task and so I quote the Kinesiology Federation UK who say…

To sum up, everything we do, say, think or eat has an effect on our whole system.  This is why Kinesiology looks at a person as a whole, not just the symptoms, in accordance with the Triad of Health.  It employs muscle testing that enables the body to communicate its needs and issues from its innate intelligence, which we can then act upon with treatment and other lifestyle changes.  Kinesiology allows the body to reveal its truth and frees the body’s own ability to heal itself. 


“Man possesses a potential for recovery through the innate intelligence of the human structure.  This recovery potential with which he is endowed merely waits for your hand, your heart and your mind to bring it to potential being and allow the recovery to take place, which is man’s natural heritage.  This benefits man, it benefits you and it benefits our profession.”

Dr George Goodheart DC

“Kinesiology literally means the study of movement and interaction of a persons energy systems.  Gentle assessment of muscle response monitors where blocks and imbalances are impairing physical, emotional or energetic wellbeing.  The same method can identify factors that may be contributing to such imbalances.  The body’s natural healing responses are stimulated by attention to reflex and acupressure points and by use of specific body movements and nutritional support.  These can lead to increased physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.”

Neuro relates to what is happening in the mind, how we think.

Linguistic refers to how we communicate, both verbally and non verbally, with words and with our body language.

Programming refers to patterns of behaviour and emotion that we learn and repeat​.

Simply put, NLP enables us to understand what makes us tick:  how we think, feel, make sense of and function in the world everyday interacting with others and having experiences.  The theory is that if we have a greater understanding of how and why we function and think the way we do, we can learn to adapt  those behaviours for our personal benefit - Reprogramme ourselves.

Neuro-linguistic Programming

NLP was created by Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder in California in the early 1970's.  They were fascinated by how some people could communicate and reach so called "difficult" people and others seemed to fail miserably.  As a student of information sciences and a professor of linguistics respectively, they set about creating what is now NLP.  ​

Some very famous NLP enthusiasts and teachers include Anthony Robins and Paul McKenna. 

The Father of Homeopathy was Dr. Samual Hahnemann.  Whilst he was translating William Cullen’s ‘A Treatise on the Materia Medica’ he found he disagreed with some of the content regarding the treatment of Malaria with a particular astringent, as his own knowledge told him that other astringents had no effect on Malaria.  This led him to test the ‘cure’ on himself, finding that it produced symptoms of Malaria in himself (and any other healthy person).  This led him to the conclusion that any substance that will produce specific disease symptoms in the healthy will cure the same symptoms in the sick.

Homeopathy is all about treating the way the someone experiences life.  This is unique to every person and the way someone feels is  the most important information a practitioner can gather.  For example, are you optimistic or pessimistic, aggressive or submissive, withdrawn or extrovert?


So, if three people experience the same traumatic event, each one of those 3 people may react very differently emotionally:  One may develop anxiety, another a phobia, the other depression or withdrawal, even an alcohol or drug dependence.  This is why in Homeopathy there is no single remedy for a condition e.g. Depression, as what is important is how the individual experiences the depression.

That like cures like is the foundation of Homeopathy.  It means that a substance that produces the symptoms of a disease in a well person will cure a person displaying the same symptoms as a result of illness.  The most accurate remedy is called the ‘similar’ or Similimum and stimulates the healing power of Nature, consequently initiating the bodies own innate healing response. 

Dr Bach used a metaphor to describe how the remedies work. He said,

“They are able, like beautiful music, or any gloriously uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures, and bring us nearer to our Souls: and by that very act, to bring us peace, and relieve our sufferings.”

Just as a beautiful sunset, a piece of music or a photograph can move us so that we feel more at peace, so taking a remedy uplifts us in a gentle way and helps us be the best we are.

Bach Flower Remedies

There is no definitive way to describe how the remedies achieve clearing the negative emotional states, allowing the body to heal itself.  The most commonly accepted explanation is that the remedies contain the vital force energy (like a vibration) of the living flower, which is transferred during the process of making the mother tinctures; in much the same way as Homeopathic remedies contain a vital force.

It is discussed that the energy forms a pattern in the water, that quantum mechanics are the key and that spiritual vibrations are the active ingredient.  Firm conclusions are simply speculation, as hard scientific research has not been carried out. Kirlian photographs have been taken showing distinct patterns and colours for different remedies. 
The proof is in the effect they have on people. Taking Mimulus when we are afraid is just a more specific form of the emotional reaction we feel when we listen to Beethoven or gaze at the stars.

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