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BioMat Professional​

Fits massage tables, medical tables, chiropractor beds

Pillow Sold Seperately.  To buy as a package click here. 

The Professional Biomat 7000mx was designed for healing professionals. It is a foot smaller in width than the Single Biomat so it fits perfectly on massage tables, dentist chairs, and chiropractors love it!  You can use it prior to therapy or the appointment or use it during for accentuated healing. It's multi-functional and very portable, perfect for home or professional use. Includes single control panel with variable heat settings, travel bag with wheels and a 100% cotton quilted cover. FDA/UL LICENSED MEDICAL DEVICE 2954299.


This is the Biomat for acupuncture, chiropractic specialists, dentists, fitness centers, gyms, massage therapists, Medi-SPas, pain control clinics, physical therapists, athletes, healing management, and waiting rooms.The Professional Biomat emits warmth that induces relaxation. Pain relief from muscle and tissue ailments, maximum detoxification, immunity builder, efficient digestion, normalized blood pressure, rejuvenated skin, faster cellular repair, metabolic boost, natural weight loss and fat burning, abundant energy gain, aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant and overall health improvement, physically and mentally. The perfect environmental addition to enhance healing and holistic spaces.


Common question: Does the Professional Biomat only have amethyst where the purple stripe is? Answer: No, it is spread thoughout the entire mat, they just made that "window" for aethestics. It covers the entire face of the biomat in every model.


Measures:  27.56"w x 74"l / 750 x 2002mm               

Net Weight:  28 lbs without controller / 13 kg

Electric Consumption:  160 w                                        

Voltage:  AC 120

Temperature:  95f to 158f / 36c to 70c                      

 Infrared Ray:  8 - 14 Microm.

MaxAmount of Amethyst:  17.5 lbs                            

Negative Ion:  700v

Amethyst Size:  5mm - 12mm                                       

Amethyst Color:  Natural Violet Clear

Cut and Shape:  Tumbled                                               

Polariscope Test:  Dr

Specific Gravity:  2.65                                                      

Hardness:  7

Refractive Index:  1.544 - 1.553                                     

Fluorescence LW:  No refraction, Natural factor


Biomat 2005mx Controller

The BioMat Controller, comes with all BioMats and has the most advanced I.C. chip which cuts off electromagnetic waves. You can set the temperature of the mattress and if anything malfunctions, the alarm will sound.


Far Infrared Ray Indicator                                            Negative Ion Indicator

Temperature Up/Down Controls                              Time Control

Soft-touch power switch                                              Electromagnetic Interception indicator

Built-in alarm system                                                    Newly remodeled, easy touch screen



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