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Poka Poka Jewelry BioMat Belt


Weight loss around the abdomen is something a lot of people have problems with and Richway has designed the Poka Poka Jewelry Belt to focus on this problem. People have reported losing over nine pounds around their center in just two weeks.


Regular 54"

Extra Large 76"



"Poka Poka" is a Japanese term that means "warm", which is exactly what this belt does, it gets warm The technology of the Richway Poka Poka Jewelry Belt Biomat is very similar to the technology in any Richway Biomat, emitting infrared rays and negative ions. There are three parts to the belt: a velcro belt that comes in two sizes, a crystal portion that contains the technology that all biomats provide and the controller, which has a timer built into it and that is made by Texas Instruments. 


Unlike Richway's other biomats, there many more types of crystals built into this device, twenty in all. The eight main crystals included are: Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Topaz, Green Jade, Quartz Crystal, Elvan and Tiger Eye. Each of these main crystals provide healing in their own unique way. A description of their individual healing power is described below.


Richway developed the Poka Poka Jewelry Belt to focus on specific parts of the body. You can wear it around your waist, arms, legs or lay it on top of yourself as you lay on a larger biomat. Obviously, Richway had the mid-section of the human body mostly in mind when it was being developed. Our "center" is important to our over-all health more so than other parts of the body. The belt is excellent to help with digestion, back pain, stomach aches, cramping as well as hundreds of other ailments.


Amethyst - Richway only uses Korean Amethyst which is the best in the world. Amethyst naturally amplifies and emits far infrared rays.

Green Jade - Naturally amplifies infrared rays.

Black Tourmaline - Naturally emits negative ions which are antioxidants and improve the health of the air around you.

Topaz - Naturally emits strong infrared rays.

Quartz Crystal - Helps with body purification.

Tiger Eye - Helps with cardiovascular, reproductive and digestive systems. Relieves pain.

Citrine - Helps activate the thyroid and stablize the mind and with stomach and digestion problems.

Elvan - Helps discharge waste in the body by way of strong infrared rays.

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