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An Evening with B.E.S.T in Canary Wharf

***Special Offer*** bring a friend /colleague for FREE


What is covered in the session?


How B.E.S.T can help you with dis-ease, illness, motivation, 'bad luck', fatigue, goal setting and getting, anxiety, retaining clients, emotional issues, physical issues, and generally attracting abundance into your life in every area!  Love, money, happiness:  everything you have always wanted.  


It is easier to stay well than to get well, and the best way I know to achieve both is by maintaining your nervous and energetic systems with B.E.S.T. (Bio energetic synchronisation). 

The quantum age of science is revolutionising healthcare and showing us that the development and continuation of chronic disease is maintained in our energetic systems. Pills therefore are not our long term answer. 

B.E.S.T balances the energy fields, removes subconscious emotional interference and eliminates blockages in the energy system. The direct result is an updating of the nervous system and a kick start to health and happiness.


Who is this session for?


Anyone interested in personal development, removing interference, getting rid of pain, interested in wellness, or referral programs.  Any member of the public, medical and holistic practitioners.  


About Dale Rutherford:



























About Beyond Physical:


Dale Rutherford is known to those who meet her as a caring, intuitive B.E.S.T practitioner. Drawing from her personal experience, Dale treats and guides people who want to change their lives from being filled with emotional and physical pain and illness to being filled with joy, abundance and wellness.  The non-invasive Bio-energetic synchronisation technique combined with her program of personal development brings peace, health and even wealth into the lives of those who would seek it!  As the only qualified B.E.S.T practitioner in the UK, she comes highly recommended by her expert peers in the USA and her clients in the UK.   Dale can show you how to dump the 'baggage' you never knew you were carrying and make sure you never pick it back up. If you enjoy seeing the big picture, then prepare to have your eyes opened!  

I am passionate about educating people on how our lives can be impacted by this revolutionary non invasive therapy, B.E.S.T. Everyone can be reinvigorated by it. It is not just about healing the body and mind but also about living life to its fullest, having all that you desire, seeing your dreams come true and removing that 'bad luck' or 'black cloud' that seems to plague you. 


You can kick the productivity of your executive team into overdrive, free yourself of arthritis pain, fulfil your personal dreams, live consciously, all with BEST. I am excited to pass on the amazing power of BEST and look forward to connecting with you! 

Beyond Physical are dedicated to remembering and creating wellness in the human being through the natural, non invasive method known as B.E.S.T - Bio-energetic Synchronization Technique: A neuro-emotional reprogramming process developed out of Chiropractice by Dr. M.T.Morter, Jr.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Dr. Sue Morter, Ted's daughter has been the source of inspiration for Beyond Physical. 

We are focused on identifying and removing the many background causes of pain, emotional distress and disease, thereby supporting the body in a continual process of self-healing. We also work closely with individuals who are not necessarily ill or in physical pain,  but who are seeking to further their understanding of the conscious role they can play in creating the sustainable fulfillment of their personal goals and desires.

In addition to our revolutionary B.E.S.T. treatment programs, we provide various opportunities to engage with us and we invite you to explore the opportunities that most interest and benefit you.   Along with our customized treatment plans and other services we hope to introduce meditation classes,  short, long and medium term  goal-setting programs, detox programs, various classes, life and health-enhancing CD's & DVD's, plus much more! To view our schedule of events and to view availability, visit our Calendar page.


To view our revolutionary products and supplements, visit our Store


We also offer Intensive treatment schedules for those who are travelling from a distance or for those wishing for a deeper and impactive healing experience. 

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