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Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Worry and Guilt

Stress is a unique experience for all of us.  What makes us feel very stressed out may not bother someone else, so we can't expect that what helps someone else to cope with it, will help us too! That goes for feeling anxious, worrying, feeling guilty and being fearful too! Here at Beyond Physical, we are not interested in coping mechanisms...we want to get rid of the underlying causes at the source, so you can feel great, all the time!


Now you may instantly say, well i can't quit my job! I can't leave my partner! Traffic doesn't change... and all sorts of other things, and mostly, you are right. The great news is, that it doesn't matter.  You can still elimate those negative feelings from those situations by understanding why you are feeling it in the first place and then eliminating the underlying emotional cause.  

The first thing to do is to understand why feelings like stress, anxiety, fear, guilt and worry are so dangerous.  Low level intensity experiences like these emotions don't seem so dangerous on the surface, however, the danger comes when we pile more and more of it on top of already unresolved stressors in our lives.  Like it shows in the chart below, the little things that cause you to feel stressed, anxious, fearful or worrysome build and build until you reach a point at which effective communication in your body shuts down.  Emotional Override happens. Think of this as burning out your coping mechanisms.  Your job + your partner + the traffic + exams + the nasty people in the world + unknown entities in life = bang!  Emotional Override.  Now your body is in a situation where you can't stop it from being stressed, (the feeling of defence), no matter what you do.  Do you ever wonder why you can't enjoy that wonderful bubbly bath, or that trip to the spa, or the footie match with friends?  Wonder no are in defence!

So what is an effective treatment for these everyday common niggling emotions. I know you would like me to say 'at least 3 massages a week, 7 weeks holiday a year and as much chocolate as you can fit into your mouth!'.  Well, treating yourself well definitely helps, but it's not as effective a treatment as removing the root issues completely.  At Beyond Physical our treatment programs address the underlying emotional cause of your problematic feelings and work to reverse what you see in the chart; lowering your levels of stress, fear, anxiety or worry and teaching you to look at the world differently, so you no longer react to things in a way that causes those emotions.  


A life without stress, anxiety, fear, and worry? Yes please!  We look forward to welcoming you into our family!

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