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Inspire Your Soul Evenings


Be inspired by knowledge, wisdom & fellowship. Incredible speakers from around the world.

Come along for a fun filled inspiring evening and chat to like minded people on the 1st Tuesday of every month. Each month we have a different motivational or spiritual speaker from around the world covering a wide variety of topics. These have become extremely popular and we have a regular lovely friendly crowd who welcome new people to share, learn and chat to like minded people as we all personally grow through these lovely meetings


Our next event is on 5th August 2014 with Dale Rutherford


Be the B.E.S.T you can be!
(B.E.S.T treatment is Bio energetic synchronisation)


It is easier to stay well than to get well, and the best way I know to achieve both is by maintaining your

nervous and energetic systems with B.E.S.T. (Bio energetic synchronisation). The quantum age of

science showing us that the development and continuation of chronic disease is maintained in our

energetic systems. Pills therefore are not our long term answer. B.E.S.T balances the energy fields,

removes subconscious emotional interference and eliminates blockages in the energy system. B.E.S.T is

not just about healing the body and mind but also about living life to its fullest, having all that you

desire, seeing your dreams come true and removing that 'bad luck' or 'black cloud' that seemsto plague you.

What about disease? The body is a self healing, self regulating mechanism. In other words, if you cutyour finger, the body heals itself. If you break a bone, have a understand, you have experiencedit thousands of times! If you are not healing, and that includes physically, emotionally and any other ‘ally’,it’s because your body in it’s brilliance, thinks that there is something it needs to be surviving.

When we see, imagine or remember danger with enough emotion, the body responds as if it is beingattacked in the present moment. The nervous system kicks us into ‘fight or flight’ even if there is no currentthreat. Our body reacts as if there is a bear in the room and shifts priorities, effectively shutting down anycapacity we have to create and heal. It is only when our conscious mind gets the message ‘the bear is gone!’ that we can harness our human power and our ability to heal. What if your conscious mind never got the message?


Come to Inspiring Souls to hear about B.E.S.T and the limitless possibilities it has for us all. Best of all, take away with you a number of techniques you can use for just minutes each day for maximum positive impact on your health and wellbeing.


  • How to calm your system and quieten your adrenals just by breathing

  • B.E.S.T release: a great way to use B.E.S.T at home

  • The Morter March


Dale Rutherford is known to those who meet her as a caring, intuitive B.E.S.T practitioner. Drawing from her personal experience, Dale treats and guides people who want to change their lives from being filled with emotional and physical pain and illness to being filled with joy, abundance and wellness. The non-invasive Bio-energetic synchronisation technique combined with her program of personal development brings peace, health and even wealth into the lives of those who would seek it! As the only qualified B.E.S.T practitioner in the UK, she comes highly recommended by her expert peers in the USA and her clients in the UK. Dale can show you how to dump the 'baggage' you never knew you were carrying and make sure you never pick it back up. If you enjoy seeing the big picture, then prepare to have your eyes opened!



Event Venue: The Bistro, Little Channels (formely Regiment Way Golf Centre)

Back Lane, Little Waltham, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 3PR (off A120/A130) nr A12/M11/M25

The venue has a lovely bar and restaurant if you want to come early or stay late. Also FREE car parking

Doors open 6.45pm for 7.15pm start. Finish usually 9.15pm but you are welcome to stay and chat

Entry price is fantastic value at just: £10pp or Concessions £8.  Bring 2+ NEW friends along to any event and get in for FREE

Free tea & coffee in the interval.

All welcome. Just turn up on the night & pay on the door - no need to book. (These events have nothing to do with any religion)




Some inspiring words from our inspiring friends:

"I love coming to these events.  I always come away feeling inspired and fresh"

"The knowledge and expertise of the speakers in their field is what I love. They are so 'real', down to earth and inspirational"

"It is so nice to have the opportunity to talk with friendly like minded people. There seems to be a closeness which is shared by all who come"

"I can't thank you enough Sheila for your vision of setting these events up as they are wonderful"

"I look forward to coming again.  A friend recommended I come along and I shall certainly be recommending these to others"

"Relaxed, informative, fascinating, friendly & fun"

"Amazing and helpful.  It helps me think deeply about myself and my life"

"I love that we can work on ourselves and not just our business for a change!"

"Thank you - I am so glad to be involved as I love the atmosphere and the speakers are wonderful"

"Oh these evenings are wonderful - just what I need to create my own space. I loved every single moment"



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