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A Beyond Physical tote bag, made from the highest quality 100% cotton canvas.  Perfect for...well...everything! A great big hug for the environment too!

Beyond Physical Logo Shopping bag

  • You’re unique, with a busy life. A Beyond Physical tote bag is all you need in the high street, at the grocery store or anywhere else you might go throughout the day.


    If you need to swing by the bank in the morning, pick up your kids from sports practice and grab some dinner later on, a Beyond Physical tote bag is all you need. You’ll have space for your checkbook and wallet, room for your kids’ sports bottles and a big open place for groceries – all while remaining completely hands free. Make everyday errands easier on everyone with these personal tote bags.

    For School

    These bags are also perfect for kids. Instead of a bulky backpack, these lightweight totes can do it all

    Environmentally Friendly

    They’re made from the highest quality 100% natural cotton canvas and using them can significantly help out the environment. By carrying your groceries in these tote bags instead of in paper or plastic bags, you’re reducing the need to deforest and create harmful plastics.
    We love the planet, now you can too!
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