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“I did 10 sessions with Dale, all on zoom, and it’s made a massive difference in my life. I was a bit sceptical about the sessions being remote and how much benefit I was going to get, but even from the first two sessions I could feel things happening in my energy and in the colours I could see with my eyes closed. I had a debilitating brain fog when I started my course, but I had a sense of peace and calm, and above all clarity, through my sessions. Just a few minutes to start with, and then increasingly so as the weeks progressed. 

I felt the biggest or more noticeable change after session 4-5, and I made sure that in between sessions I reminded myself of the words and discussions that Dale focussed on, to shift my whole thinking a little everyday. 

I can’t thank Dale enough for the help she was in my life”.

"Dale is an excellent practitioner! She is a very gifted healer with a keen sense of investigative skill. I'm impressed with her listening to my concerns and guiding me into a wellness plan of action. She is compassionate but, stern in her advice. Her follow through and attention to details are impeccable. I trust her fully and I  recommend Dale in confidence to anyone who is looking to take action in their health and well-being."

Dr. Andrew Giordano, D.C.  The Integrated Life

Su, London

“I was recommended to BEST via another practitioner who lives in the US. He said just go and get a treatment, that is the best (lol) way to 'explain' it. So I went to see Dale, the only practitioner in the UK. I had an introduction appointment where she explained everything and how it works. I was going primarily to clear blocks. I am a go-getter person and felt that as much as I was pushing for success in my career and relationships, I was somehow sabotaging myself. As an upbeat, optimistic person, I was starting to get frustrated at the current results I was producing. Especially in light of the fact that I have produced them well in the past. Fast forward to completing only a short course of treatments with Dale. My results are as follows. Increased awareness of my true feelings and switching course if I am not on track. This is a big feat for me as I was more of a plough through and mask my negative feelings with positive-ness. Confidence in the business route I am pursuing. More energy due to some supplements my body was lacking and the 'want' to do more. And all-round general happy feeling and calmness. I will continue to see Dale to continue my personal journey and make sure I am still on course. I feel this is more because I want to, and not necessarily need to anymore thanks to the work we have already done. Thank you Dale for always giving me 110% and really understanding what is going on in my subconscious/conscious/body :)”

"My experience with Dale & the BEST system, in the run up to and post my heart procedure, was an extremely positive one I would recommend to anyone.  We were literally able to address both physical and mental health issues.  Physical as in diet, vitamin intake, work and relaxation patterns, all designed to get me in the best shape possible in the time available, to maximise the positive effect of the treatment.  Mentally to reduce the fear, worry or doubt that anyone may feel when they are going into hospital to let someone play around with their heart!  The result was a stress free trip, followed by sessions to support a positive outcome and ongoing healing.  Thank you Dale."

Mike, Essex

"I was immediately put at ease with Dale. She has such a warm and caring manner and I was really able to relax. I felt truly listened to and Dale allowed me to go through the treatment at my own (and my body's) pace.

The treatment allows you to tackle issues that you can't get to with your conscious mind and you don't have to tell Dale anything you don't want to, although she handled everything I chose to discuss with sensitive kindness. I can't wait to go back for my next session. I have already seen some positive changes. I would definitely recommend a friend to Beyond Physical"

Miss L, Kent.

"Two years ago I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis which was characterized by swollen and painful wrists and thumb joints and a swollen and painful right knee. In addition, blood tests showed that my inflammation markers were 7 times greater than normal. I was prescribed anti inflammatory and immuno-suppressant medication. Over time the medication significantly reduced the joint pain with some reduction in the swellings, most notably in my right knee.

A few months ago I had several therapy sessions with Dale Rutherford of Beyond Physical and I am now in the happy position where the residual swellings in my wrists and thumb joints (which included asymmetrical ganglions on the wrists) and my knee have completely disappeared. The pain in my wrists disappeared in my very first session!  In addition, a recent blood test revealed that my inflammation markers have returned to a normal level, despite a reduction, of my own volition, to reduce the level of the anti inflammatory medication. I am now hopeful that at some stage I will be able to reduce the immuno-suppressant medication."

Rye, Chelmsford

"I had an intensive treatment with Dale at Beyond Physical and I thought it was wonderful. Dale gave great explanations for the process and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The treatment itself was lovely, I was amazed at the energy movement I could feel and I definitely feel brighter emotionally and physically since. I could even see positive changes in my face where tension had dissolved. Thank you so much Dale, I will definitely come again."

Chris, Margate. 

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