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Quantum Science has shown us beyond a shadow of a doubt that what we think, feel and believe has profound determination of our reality.  It has also shown us that at the very basic foundation of physical existence, there is no actual substance upon which life as we know it is built.  There is only form; energy held in patterns that create different aspects of what we see when we look out into the world.

​When we dissect the basic building blocks of molecules and atoms and tiny sub-atomic particles and look deep inside the smallest particle known to us…there is nothing there.  There is only light or energy or essence; no substance at all; only essence.  We know that these sub-atomic particles of nature can be influenced by thought and intentionThis lends itself to conclusions that our basic foundation can be influenced by our thoughts and intentions.  Who we are, in fact, is determined by what we are believing and intending.  This tiny energetic level underneath it all is at the effect of our consciousness, and this energy can be held in different patterns by changing our awareness.


A significant factor to consider here is that the beliefs that change our reality can be held at the Conscious or Subconscious level.  The Subconscious level is much more illusive and yet, interestingly, the Subconscious is also much more important when it comes to running our life.  It is determining trillions of characteristics of the human experience every millisecond.  This can be helpful if all is well and not so helpful if there is interference in the system which can create an inappropriate response in life and unnecessary distress.  (See Beyond Bears...)


As it relates to Creativity, Health and Healing it translates like this: when we see danger, or imagine danger (or even remember a dangerous situation from the past with enough emotion), the body responds as though it is being attacked in the present moment.  Even though there may be no actual attack happening in the moment.  The auto-pilot portion of the nervous system activates the ‘fight or flight response’ either way.  Blood pressure goes up, muscles get tight and heart rate increases.  Digestion shuts down in order to provide energy to the arms and legs to ‘get away from the bear’, and essentially all creative capacity and healing shuts down.


When the bear goes away, signals are sent to the Subconscious from the five senses passing through the Conscious Mind to let it know that the coast is clear.  The body relaxes; heart rate, blood pressure and tension return to their balance; and healing and ingenuity return to their previous potential.  Only then can we experience our full capacity in these areas, and not while under attack.


Here’s the catch: That all works logically if the system is not lodged into a ‘stuck physiology’ from too much stress at once.  With too many ‘bears’ at the same time, the entire system can lock up.  This is similar to hitting too many keys on the computer at once.  It cannot all be processed simultaneously.  And at that point, even if the bears leave, the Subconscious never gets the good news because the communication has been shut down.  Given those circumstances, a clearing must occur in order to return to ideal function and to allow ingenuity to flow.

B.E.S.T allows us to clear the interference at the necessary levels so that healing can begin again. 

We help you to live so pain and struggling, both emotional and physical no longer exist.

We focus on removing the background causes of pain, emotional distress and disease, supporting self-healing. We also work with you when not ill or in pain, but looking to create a great life and fulfil personal goals and desires.  We do this, not with drugs or surgery, but  with a natural, non-invasive method known as the BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), a neuro-emotional reprogramming process.

We provide customized wellness plans, classes, workshops, nutrtional support and life-style coaching. Our intention is for you to leave every session equipped with all the tools necessary to live a happy, healthy life.  

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