Are you experiencing...

  • Anxiety or depression

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Anger or self-esteem issues

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • Career or relationship problems

  • Drug or alcohol misuse

  • General overwhelm or chronic stress

  • The impact of trauma from illness, injury or loss

  • A lack of fulfilment

  • A want for an even better life experience

Dr. Andrew Giordano, D.C. 

"Dale is an excellent practitioner! She is a very gifted healer with a keen sense of investigative skill...  I recommend Dale in confidence to anyone who is looking to take action in their health and well-being."

An honours graduate in Psychology and counselling, Dale has focussed on gaining expertise, employing a pluralistic approach which enables her to use her whole field of knowledge to her clients advantage.  Drawing from psychotherapy, counselling techniques, person-centred therapy, NLP, B.E.S.T, Kinesiology, solution focussed therapy, homeopathy, relationship and family therapy, CBT and its third wave enables Dale to focus her diverse knowledge and provide bespoke therapeutic programs that are uniquely effective and unavailable elsewhere; programs of Body Psychology ™

Dale is the UK’s leading expert in Bioenergetic Synchronisation technique, using this highly effective, non-invasive, biofeedback driven technology to massively enhance client experience and results.  Dale has many years clinical experience, working with diverse psychological, emotional and physical issues including stress, anxiety, cancer, depression, trauma related disorders, heart issues, joint pain, arthritis, diabetes and more. 

Dale works with individuals, couples, families and organisations to increase awareness, abilities, health, wellness, productivity and happiness levels. 

Dale is registered with the BPS, APB and HCPC and you can find her on the RQTQ

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"I am so glad to have discovered Dale.

She has incredible skill regarding the supplements that are most necessary to move me to better health and to overcome any health issues.

I’ve seen a kinesiologist who has also checked Dale’s recommendations and said my body likes them!

I have been recommending Dale to other friends who need support."

Beyond Physical is an independent private practice which offers private, personal and corporate services.   The therapeutic and counselling services offered at Beyond Physical address the effect of life difficulties on our ability to fulfil our potential, personally, career wise and in relationships; Body Psychology™.  The organisational services offered can streamline, enhance and make recruitment, HR and your workforce more effective.

Founded by Dale R. Seddon BScHons MBPsS PABP, the practice offers ethical, research and evidence based psychological, organisational and physical support.  This includes:

·      A pluralistic approach with unique therapeutic programs addressing mental, physical and emotional wellbeing

·      Individual therapy for a wide range of psychological issues

·      Coaching and resilience building

·      Stress management

·      Psychological consultancy

·      Psychometric testing services and 360-degree feedback

·      Couples therapy and conflict resolution

In addition, Beyond Physical is the only clinic in the UK to be qualified to offer Bio-energetic synchronisation Technique (B.E.S.T).

Inspire Yourself and Others

Sheila Steptoe, Self-Discovery Consultant & Published Author