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Understanding Pain and Illness

​"Two years ago I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis which was characterized by swollen and painful wrists and thumb joints and a swollen and painful right knee. In addition, blood tests showed that my inflammation markers were 7 times greater than normal...

​ I am now in the happy position where the residual swellings in my wrists and thumb joints (which included asymmetrical ganglions on the wrists) and my knee have completely disappeared. The pain in my wrists disappeared in my very first session!  In addition, a recent blood test revealed that my inflammation markers have returned to a normal level, despite a reduction, of my own volition, to reduce the level of the anti inflammatory medication."

Are you experiencing pain, mild or severe. Possibly you have been for some time. Or do you have a vague feeling that "something is wrong." We're here to help you make it right and get you on the road to good health.

The body was designed to heal itself. It's a self healing, self regulating mechansim. In other words, if you cut your finger, the body heals itself. If you break a bone, the body heals itself, if you have a understand, you have experienced it thousands of times in your life!


Pain is a signal to you that something is out of balance in your body. Pain really is a good thing because it prompts you to find out what is wrong. Often, however, the pain isn't felt in the part of the body that is injured or stressed, as happens when you get a headache due to poor eating habits.​


If the body isn't healing, experience tells us that the body is 'surviving', and our natural state, as you understood from above is healing. If the body is spending it's time in survival mode, then we must work to let the body know it does not need to 'survive' and that it should go back to healing. Healing mode happens where we are in balance.  


You can acheive balance, being pain free and well by updating the subconscious memory, eliminating interference and making improved choices in the 6 essential areas of health: What we eat, what we drink, how we breathe, how we rest, how we exercise and what we think.


That's why you've come to us: to help you find the cause of your health problem, and then to do something about it.  We look forward to welcoming you into our family!

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