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How Energy Works: Healing at a Distance

Quantum Science and experimentation with Energy and Consciousness are growing rapidly and becoming the largest areas of inquiry in the scientific community.


The scientific community has told us that everything is energy for many many years. Quantum science is the study of the smallest particles there are; what underlies and unites all things. ENERGY. Studies in consciousness are focussing on many more aspects of how energy moves, behaves and our influence over it.

It took Quantum science to show us that inside the smallest particles we know, is nothing! This means that everything physical actually has nothing physical at its core. All matter is energy held is a specific pattern in order to produce something physical: your computer, a tree, even your body.

The laws of non locality and Quantum Entanglement are scientific principles that explain how energy treatments and the resulting healing works over a distance; how energy works over a distance. Simply put, these quantum laws show that no matter how far apart from each other two energy particles are they remain linked and respond to one another instantaneously. This means that when one person (an energy source) is focussed on something specific (another person; their energy), the object of focus will be affected immediately by the intention regardless of any distance between them. This explains why someone calls when you have been thinking about them.

Bruce H Lipton PhD explains it like this:

“Once a quantum particle interacts or…’entangles’ with another particle, no matter how many miles apart they are …(non local), their mechanical states remain coupled. If…one particles rotational spin is clockwise, it’s entangled twin’s rotational spin is the opposite, counterclockwise…No matter how much distance separates them, when…one particles spin changes…it’s twin changes simultaneously as well, even if one is in Paris and the other is in Beijing.”

Bruce H Lipton PhD, The Honeymoon Effect

This means that when a practitioner’s intention is to work with and heal (change the energy of) their client, the client will be affected immediately by the practitioners’ intention regardless of the distance between them. This is why Body Psychology and other energy therapies are able to be effective from a distance. Now you understand, if you would like to talk to us about phone, video chat and remote treatments, simply email Get the benefits of treatment without stopping your daily routine. The best investments are in yourself, the costs are too high not to! Check the investments needed for remote, call and video chat treatment options here.

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Disclaimer: The entire contents of this blog are the opinions of the writers and not intended to take the place of other medical opinion. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information and we encourage you to make your own health care decisions based on your research in partnership with a qualified professional in holistic and medical fields.

You are more than welcome to use and link to this article without specific permission as long as this site is referenced and when used only in a non-profit format. If you wish to use the article for any other purpose please contact us at

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