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Why Digestion is SO Important

If you have read some Beyond Physical information you will understand how we recommend transitioning your diet on a general basis towards health. Underneath our diet lies the most important process in our health and wellbeing…Digestion.

We re not going to go to hard core in depth in this post but having read this you will understand just why it is so important to have your digestion working as well as it can.

Let me say just one more time…ALL HEALTH BEGINS WITH DIGESTION!

What affects digestion?

There are many things that can stop your digestion working at its optimal capacity. The big ones are:

  • What we eat

  • What we drink

  • How we supplement

  • Our emotions and stress levels

  • Emergency situations (fight or flight)

How we eat, drink and supplement

It is easy to understand how what we eat would affect our digestion. If we eat whole, non-processed, live, organic foods, we put minimal stress on our system and ingest things that are easily digested for utilization in the body. If we eat things that are processed, contain harmful substances or GMO’s then we put significant stress on our system, as these foods are hard to digest and leave behind little to no goodness for utilization in the body. In fact the only thing they tend to leave behind is acid ash, which having read the other information pieces, you will know is not what we want at all.

What we drink affects digestion in the same way as what we eat. Generally speaking, it either supports or inhibits our digestive process. Pure, reverse osmosis filtered water supports digestion whereas milk products inhibit it massively.

Supplementation applies in a similar way. If you are supplementing your diet with protein shakes, bars or other harmful substances, you will be causes great distress to the body and harming the digestive process. If you are supplementing with whole food, cold processed or homeopathic products, you are actively supporting the system.

Our emotions, stress and fight or flight

For a good understanding of how our emotions can actually harm us, watch this short animated video we created.

When you reach the state we call Emotional Override, or you are feeling stressed or a height of emotion, digestion shuts down. Emotional override and the other emotional states we are describing are the equivalent of fight or flight to the body. Fight or flight shuts down digestion almost completely. It only continues in a state whereby if it didn’t, we wouldn’t survive. This is because we are surviving something else at the time so the energy needs to be devoted elsewhere. These things we are surviving can be anything (like in the video), life in general, food, family, stress, work, husband, exercise etc.

Why is Digestion so important?


Digestion is the process by which our body retrieves vital and life giving nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the things we ingest. It is the number one stop for absorption of those things and therefore the point at which our overall chemical balance is determined.

Remember it is chemical imbalance (mineral imbalances) that causes all disease!

So by now you are realizing that if we do not support or digestion and its vital processes that we are setting ourselves up to be unwell. The longer we allow chemical imbalances and poor digestive processes to go on, the more chronic the issues in our body will become. It is vital that we continually support digestion chemically and that we find ways to eliminate causes of disruption (emotional override).

Supporting and Correcting Digestion


The first and easiest step is to supplement accordingly. I would always recommend a specific test by a BEST practitioner or Kinesiologist for supplements so that you don’t waste money or end up with very expensive pee or indeed other chemical imbalances. However, I do know that everyone, and I mean everyone (yes that includes me) should take digestive aids with each meal at the very least.

Superdigest is taken before meals and aids in the stomach portion of the digestive process. You can find out more about it here: SuperDigest

AlkaPan is taken after meals and aids in the absorption of essential nutrients by supporting the post stomach processes with pancreatic enzymes. You can find out more about it here: AlkaPan

You may well also want to take some gut Flora to make sure the healthy bacteria are always topped up, for the best ones for you I would recommend asking a practitioner first. You can view the options I have available here. Alkadophilus


The most effective way to deal with emotional upheaval and stress, especially when its causing emotional override, is B.E.S.T. You can find everything you need to know about B.E.S.T on this website. Whilst you are not getting B.E.S.T treatments, there are many things you can do to help calm your system, your mind and your emotions and eliminate the negative effect they are having on your chemical balance and digestion.

  • Breathe properly. This video shows you how to use a very simple breathing pattern that will calm your system, quieten your adrenals and take your body out of fight or flight. Basically it will relax you whenever you need it.

  • Eat natural foods and use natural products. Many real whole foods have emotionally balancing and calming properties. Flowers also have healing and calming properties. Fields of Flowers from Energetix is a complete flower essence remedy that you can use when you are feeling any type of emotional turbulence. You can also find single flower remedies and what is known as the Rescue Remedy from Bach flower essences in health food shops.

  • Exercise. We all hate to hear it but it is true, exercise releases chemicals within your body that help your emotional state. There really isn’t anything that exercise isn’t good for.

  • Meditation or quiet reflection. Altering the state of your mind and brain in the ways that happen in meditation directly affects your emotions and the chemical balance in your body.

  • Sleep. Make sure you get quality rest. Without it, we can all be fractious and a bundle of emotional distress. If you have trouble sleeping again I would suggest B.E.S.T. treatments, or real foods…valerian and chamomile teas are wonderful for helping you get sleepy at night.

If you would like more information or to purchase any of the products mentioned above, just contact us through the website or on


Dale Rutherford: The UK's only Elite DIplomate B.E.S.T. practitioner

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Disclaimer: The entire contents of this blog are the opinions of the writers and not intended to take the place of other medical opinion. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information and we encourage you to make your own health care decisions based on your research in partnership with a qualified professional.

You are more than welcome to use and link to this article without specific permission as long as this site is referenced and when used only in a non-profit format. If you wish to use the article for any other purpose please contact us at

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