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Lessons from a Tree

A tree is always true to itself.

It always remember the truth and power of its nature. It does not try to be anything but a tree. It does not try to convince others that it is a tree nor does it try to change anything outside of itself. A tree remains authentically a tree.

External factors come and go but a tree never judges them to be good or bad and by remaining a tree and not trying to be something it isn't, it lives a long life and has a far reaching impact on everything around it.

It provides shelter, shade, a home, food, beauty, safety and more. Yes it may occasionally weather hard storms, bend and have pieces break but by staying truly a tree it weathers most storms and continues to be strong, beautiful and purposeful.

A tree does not worry that it's leaves may change and fall, that the day may come when it uproots or even that an outside influence changes its destiny and it becomes a table.

A tree truly remains in every moment a tree, living and accepting of everything without fear: flexible but a tree, strong but a tree, even in pain but still a tree. The result is a magnificent beauty that impacts every aspect of life on the earth.

Today I'm going to learn from a tree, how about you?

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