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Protein Obsession

Many clients come to me in all shapes and sizes wanting to lose weight, whether its 100lbs or the pesky last 5lbs. The thing people tend to have in common is that they are Protein focussed. Protein bars, protein shakes, protein enhanced cereals, protein muffins, protein pizzas, portein everything: Protein protein protein! Everytime they have taken my advice and ditched the Protein obsession they have acheived their weight loss goal. More importantly they are reversing the damage the excess Protein is doing inside their body.

It turns out, i'm not the only person in a society of Protein obsessed, bar eating, muffin making, shake drinking, marketing zombies that realises the Protein obsession is killing us and making us fat! Thank you Lord!

Here's a great article. Read it whether you are a Protein warrior or a Protein obsessive!

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